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No matter where you are located, be it North or East, ALMA School will always find a way to help you with your language studies, Russian and Ukrainian in particular. For instance, do you know how we use parts of the world in Russian and how to apply the Case system to them? Even if you do know, this ALMA article will refresh your memory once again.

Clearly, we have the same number of parts of the world as everywhere else – four. They are север (North), юг (South), запад (West), восток (East).

If we talk about a static location (Где? - Where?), we will, without a doubt, apply the preposition НА + Prepositional:

– На севере диком стоит одиноко на голой вершине сосна. (М.Ю. Лермонтов)

When we mean a dynamic direction (Куда? – To-Where?), we use НА + Accusative and the return from the direction (Откуда? – From-Where?) is expressed through the preposition C + Genitive:

– В край родной на север с юга не умчит мой талисман… (А.С. Пушкин)

When you need to combine two parts of the world to give a better idea of where you're located or moving to/from, follow this pattern of transformation:

Always put either юг (South) or север (North) in the beginning of the phrase ‘adverbialising’ them by adding an ending –O: юг → юго; север → северо. Then use a hyphen to link it with запад (West) or восток (East) that will incline the usual way (mentioned earlier in the article):

Где?на северо-западе, на юго-западе, на северо-востоке, на юго-востоке
Куда?на северо-запад, на юго-запад, на северо-восток, на юго-восток
Откуда?с северо-запада, с юго-запада, с северо-востока, с юго-востока

We can also make adjectives of these parts of the world: северное сияние, южный берег Италии, западная цивилизация, восточные единоборства and much more rarely – adverbs (normally as parts of the geographical names: Южно-Сахалинск, Северодонецк и т.д.).

Hopefully, we've outlined most of what needs to be said about parts of the world in Russian. However, if you're still confused, remember that our school is always there for you: East or West – ALMA's best!