Russian as foreign: МОЖНО/НЕЛЬЗЯ

Greetings, dear learners of Russian as foreign! In a language quite challenging to master, such as Russian, it is always a relief to find that some parts of grammar are surprisingly easy. For example, verb tenses in Russian are very uncomplicated. This happy discovery is usually followed by grievous realization that all verbs in Russian (with exceptions, naturally) are either perfective or imperfective. But just imagine, how much richer and more accurate your Russian will be made by correct use of these verbs! One way to illustrate the difference is with можно (may) and нельзя (may not):

We hope this little table will be of help, but in the meantime, how about some practice?

  1. Каким образом можно соединить все 9 точек, не отрывая руки, с помощью только 4-х линий? (How can you join all 9 points with only 4 connected lines?)
  1. На какие темы нельзя говорить в вашей стране? (What topics cannot be discussed in your country?)
  2. Какие подарки можно дарить в вашей стране при деловой встрече? (What presents can one give on a business meeting in your country?)
  3. Как вы думаете, что нельзя купить за деньги? (What can’t be bought with money?)

Dear students, you cannot master Russian or Ukrainian as foreign without powerful motivation, hard work and positive approach, but you can sign up for classes at ALMA School! We look forward to assisting you in this noble quest.