Russian as foreign: "С Новым Годом! С Рождеством!"

Winter holidays are finally upon us! The streets are beautifully lit, the air smells like mulled wine and gingerbread. Never before have duvets and food been this enticing. And, at least for a while, people believe in magic. As the warmth (from that mulled wine, perhaps ;)) overflows us, we get the urge to spread some to those around us. So today we are telling you how to congratulate people in Russian.

An excellent multi-tasker in this case is “Поздравляю” (or “Поздравляем”, if you are speaking for a group of people). It literally means “I (we) congratulate” (to congratulate – поздравлять (imperfective) / поздравить (perfective):

Сегодня уже Рождество? Поздравляю! (Is today already Christmas? Congratulations! (Merry Christmas!))

If you want to be a little more specific, you can use this structure: поздравляю + с + the name of the holiday/event in Instrumental:

Поздравляю с Рождеством! (Merry Christmas!)

Very often we omit “Поздравляю” and the phrase looks like this:

С Новым Годом! С Рождеством! (Happy New Year! Merry Christmas!)

And here is how to correctly wish people some goodness, in case you are feeling particularly benevolent: желаю (желаем) (I (we) wish) + тебе/вам (to you (sing. /pl.) in Dative) + the wished object in Genitive.

Желаю (желаем) тебе (вам) счастья (happiness)!

Здоровья (health)/ любви (love)/ радости (joy)/ удачи (luck)/ успехов (success)/ хорошего года (a good year)/ путешествий (travels)/ впечатлений (experiences)/ ярких эмоций (emotional fulfillment)/ интересной работы (interesting work)/ много денег (a lot of money) etc.

Just like with “поздравлять”, “желаю” can be omitted:

Счастья вам! (Happiness to you!)
Здоровья тебе! (Health to you!)

Here at ALMA School we are all big fans of winter festivities. That is why this time of year you will find our school lavishly decorated and excessively cozy :)
So come by for some winter magic, a steaming cup of tea with cookies and quality knowledge of Russian or Ukrainian as foreign ;)