Ukrainian as Foreign: "ГРАТИ" and its Many Meanings

The star of today’s ALMA Article is one Ukrainian word only: ГРАТИ (to play).

Why fuss, you may ask. Well, much like the English ‘play’ the word has multiple meanings and can be used in different contexts. Much unlike the English ‘play’, however, ‘грати’ requires completely different grammar around it to go with each meaning.

Which is exactly what we’ll simplify for you today.

And thus, the main meanings of ‘грати’:

1. To play a game.

Grammatical structure in this case looks like this:

Subject (the one who plays) + ГРАТИ (declined accordingly) + preposition у/в + the name of the game in Accusative:

2. To play a role.

Subject + ГРАТИ + character’s name in Accusative:

3. To play a musical instrument.

Subject + ГРАТИ + preposition на + the name of the instrument in Prepositional:

Not too complicated, as you can see :) Practice away!

And if you believe practicing on your own is no fun, feel free to join ALMA School! We are always happy to make learning Ukrainian and Russian as foreign easy and enjoyable ;)