Ukrainian Easter Treats (+ a raw vegan recipe!)

Easter attributes in Ukraine are painted Easter eggs (писанки) and Easter treats (паски, куличи). Bunnies for some reason did not make it as Easter mascots in these parts 🐰

If you live in Ukraine, you will have seen sweet pastries with raisins inside and white icing with colourful decorations on top being sold everywhere as the holiday approaches. There is some debate on what to call them. You will hear the names “паска”, “пасха” and “кулич”.

Let us shed some light on the issue.

There are two variations of an Easter dish in the Orthodox tradition. The one mentioned above (the pastry) is called “кулич” in Russian and “паска (пасочка)” in Ukrainian (the two language mix and mingle a lot, hence the confusion). It represents bread that Christ's followers would leave for him at every table. The white icing symbolises holiness 😇
People make (or buy) 1 “пасочка” for each family member, plus a big one for the whole family.

кулич (Ru.) / паска (Ukr.):

The other one is made from cottage cheese (творог (Ru.) / сир (Ukr.)) mixed with butter, eggs, cream, sugar and raisins (or other dried fruit, spices) to taste. It is made into a pyramid shape (to symbolise the coffin Jesus was buried in or Golgotha — the mountain on which he was crucified). It is called “паска” or sometimes "пасха" (the latter might have come from confusion with the name of the holiday 🤷‍♀️) in Russian and “сирна паска” in Ukrainian.

паска (Ru.) / сирна паска (Ukr.):

These Easter treats are very easy to buy or make, so we are going to share an alternative "паска / сирна паска" recipe, for those to whom the “40-day fast” is in fact more of a lifestyle : )

/ Ingredients

Покроковий рецепт:
/ Step-by-step recipe

  1. Замочуємо горіхи або насіння у воді мінімум 4 години (або півгодини, якщо замочувати в окропі)
    / Soak the nuts or seeds in water for at least 4 hours (or for half an hour, if you use boiling water)

  2. Злити воду та змолоти горіхи / насіння у кавомолці або блендері.
    / Drain the soaked nuts / seeds and grind them in a coffee grinder or blender.

  3. Додайте підсолоджувач, сухофрукти та спеції, добре змішайте та сформуйте у піраміду або у форму пасочки.
    / Add your sweetener, dried fruit and spices, mix well and shape into a pyramid or “пасочка” shape.

Have a delicious Easter!

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