Verbs of Motion + the prefixes ОТ- / ОТО-

These prefixes add the meaning of moving a short (or certain) distance away from an object:

Он отошёл от дома и, обернувшись, увидел, что что-то действительно будто выросло из крыши. (He walked away from the house a bit and, turning around, saw that something indeed was growing out of the roof.)

The verbs "отвести", "отвезти" and "отнести" mean to take someone or something somewhere and leave it / them there for a certain period of time or permanently:

Когда ты отнесёшь книги в библиотеку? Ты же уже всё прочитал! (When are you going to take the books back to the library? Haven't you already read them all?)


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