Kyiv Around ALMA School: Nebos on Maidan

Stuffing yourself with food to the point of brief limb movement loss is one of the most highly regarded holiday traditions. Our only choice is, well, the 'stuffing'. And these days you can opt for something greener without losing any deliciousness points!

'Nebos' on Maidan Square is one of the most delicious raw/vegan restaurants here in Kyiv. They won't let you skip dessert too! Hand-made chocolate, coconut cakes, berry pies are just a few mouthwatering options.
And don't get us started on their fantastical drinks! (yes, 'Unicorn Milk' is on the menu)
Want a discount on to-go drinks? Take them in your very own planet-saving cup ;)

Enjoy! And then drop by ALMA School to learn some Russian or Ukrainian as foreign :)