ALMA Cup for Judith

Judith from Germany gets this week's ALMA Cup! Apart from very successfully learning Russian here at ALMA School, Judith works at Geothe Institut (like several other of our students). She always does her homework and makes fast progress (coincidence? we don't think so! ;)). Dear Judith, lessons…


Kyiv Around ALMA School: Lovers' Bridge

Those who have done some wandering about in Mariinsky Park may have found the Lovers' Bridge. Burdened with multiple locks left there by hopeful couples, the structure is actually Paton Bridge's little sibling. The brilliant architect designed the bridge so well, that in its nearly 100 years it…


Kyiv Around ALMA School: Ukrainian House

Kiev International Convention Center (aka Ukrainian House) is an excellent architectural example of Soviet Constructivism. After it quit being Vladimir Lenin's museum in 1993 the building gained many other functions. Today it hosts conventions, conferences, forums, art exhibitions, concerts and can…