Summer Intensive Courses: ONLINE!

This is for those learners of Russian or Ukrainian as foreign who were determined to dedicate some time this summer to immersing themselves in language learning, boosting their knowledge and moving to a higher level of mastery, only to find that, because of the quarantine, they cannot come here to Kyiv for an intensive course.

We have developed (and thoroughly tested!) intensive courses that can be taken with our teachers online via Skype and have proven to be just as fun and effective as classes in person at the school.

Whether you aim at jump-starting your learning process from zero or filling the gaps in your already extensive knowledge and moving up a level, we will adjust the course to suit your specific requirements.

And in case you are still not sure if online classes are your style, give it a try! We offer a free trial Skype class :)

To find out all the details about the courses and to arrange a schedule, email us.
Then pick a comfy spot with WiFi and dive in!