Payment, Cancellation and No-Show Policy

  1. Payment
    1.1. Payment for classes is made 100 % in advance for 1 month of planned classes (according to the discussed schedule of individual classes or mini-group classes).
    1.2. The school reserves the right to charge for the classes that were cancelled under the terms explained in paragraph 2 of this Policy.

  2. Cancellation and No-Show
    2.1. Cancellation (or postponing) of an individual or a mini-group class may be done by the student (one of the students in a mini-group in agreement with the other student) no later than before 19:00 of the day prior to the day with a scheduled class (UTC+2 in summer — UTC+3) via our email: [email protected] or by telephone: +380 99 535 35 45. In this case, the School won't charge you for the cancelled (postponed) class.
    2.2. In case the class is cancelled (or postponed) later than noted in p. 2.1 of the Policy or if the student fails to show up without cancelling their class, the payment for the cancelled (postponed) class (either an individual or a mini-group class) will be charged amounting to 100% of the cost such class.