Learning Ukrainian: The 4 Seasons

The Ukrainian for "season" (of the year) is пора року.

Here are the four seasons:

зима — winter
весна — spring
літо — summer
осінь — autumn

Now, when we want to say that something happened “in summer, in winter, etc.”, putting a preposition before the name of the season won't do. You see, in Ukrainian, the whole word changes:

in winter – взимку (if the previous word ends with a consonant) / узимку (if the previous word ends with a vowel)
in spring – навесні
in summer – влітку / улітку
in autumn – восени

For example:
Зараз осінь чи зима? (Is it autumn or winter now?) – Зараз зима. (It’s winter.)

Тобі подобається подорожувати взимку чи навесні? (Do you like traveling in winter or in spring?) – Мені подобається подорожувати навесні. (I like traveling in spring.)

That was it from ALMA School on seasons in Ukrainian.
If that hasn’t quenched your thirst for knowledge, see you in class!
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