Kyiv Around ALMA School: Noodle vs Marketing

Noodle vs Marketing has its own take on ramen — and it is a delicious one! We promise you, if you find the restaurant (good luck there), it will become a secret treasure you will only want to share with your dearest friends (you're welcome, by the way :)) This place is cozy and casual, and tends to q…


Kyiv Around ALMA School: Mimosa Brooklyn Pizza

Are you staying in Kyiv and looking for the best pizza place in town? Well stop your search right now! And go check out Mimosa Brooklyn Pizza on Bessarabska Square, that is about a 15 minute walk from ALMA School. This is a cozy, family-friendly restaurant where they put their own spin on…


ALMA Cup for Judith

Judith from Germany gets this week's ALMA Cup! Apart from very successfully learning Russian here at ALMA School, Judith works at Geothe Institut (like several other of our students). She always does her homework and makes fast progress (coincidence? we don't think so! ;)). Dear Judith, lessons…