We are happy to greet you at courses of Ukrainian as a foreign language in ALMA School!

ALMA School is the only language school in Ukraine to specialize in teaching the Ukrainian as a foreign language.

Our teaching methods

Here at ALMA School we use the Communicative Teaching Method, which is the most effective and highly regarded among language schools throughout the world.
On all early stages of learning Ukrainian as foreign we explain all grammar in English, so that you can fully understand and correctly memorize the material.

Types of classes of Ukrainian at ALMA School

Individual classes


Corporate classes

Location of classes

In our school

In your home or office

Via Skype

Special offers

Our school hosts a series of lectures that make a great addition to our main course of Ukrainian as a foreign language:

The lecture format is available for individual lessons, mini-groups and groups of 3 and more students.
This can be either one lecture that touches on the chosen subject, or a series of 5 lectures – for those eager to dive in.
All lectures can be read in Russian or English – it is up to you!

As full or partial payment for the lectures you can use gift certificates for classes of Russian or Ukrainian as foreign, that we offer at ALMA School.
Another option is getting gift certificates specifically for the lectures. That would make an excellent present for friends, loved ones and colleagues who are fascinated with Russian/Ukrainian culture.

Summer school

Apart from regular classes, our language school offers intensive courses of Ukrainian as foreign. We offer flexible schedule of everyday classes with duration from 2 to 5 hours with coffee breaks and a lunch break. For more details please contact us via our email or fill out the form by pressing the red button at the top of this page.

Results of learning

Having finished a course at our language school, each student receives a certificate showing their level of knowledge of Ukrainian as a foreign language.

portrait portrait
portrait portrait

Our qualified teachers will:

Our teachers of Ukrainian as a foreign language

Ukrainian as a foreign language teachers at ALMA School can’t wait to meet you here at our language school right in the center of Kiev. We are already making you a nice cup of tea! Learning Ukrainian with us is nice, easy and effective!

The price of Ukrainian as a foreign language classes

We offer our students a single and flexible pricing system. Please note that the following prices are listed for the regular type of classes. The cost of an intensive course will vary depending on the complexity of the program and the schedule. For more information on intensive courses, please contact us at [email protected] or at +38 044 3371752. We also ask you to make sure you read the Cancellation and Payment Policy of our School before you apply. Looking forward to seeing you! :)

Regular* individual classes and mini-groups 1

Type Price of 1 class2
Individual at school 500 UAH
Individual in your office / home 550 UAH
Mini-group at school 600 UAH
Mini-group in your office / home 700 UAH

Group** classes

Type Number of classes per week3 Price
(8 times per month)
General Course 2 2400 UAH
Special Course4 2 2800 UAH

Special offer (themed lectures)

Type Total number of lectures5 Price
Group lecture (for 2-10 people) 1 1000 UAH
Group lecture course (for 2-10 people) 5 5000 UAH
Individual lecture (for 1 person) 1 550 UAH
Individual lecture course (for 1 person) 5 2750 UAH

The best gift is the gift of knowledge! At ALMA School you can get gift certificates for classes of Russian or Ukrainian as foreign. The number of classes is completely up to you and the minimal price is the price of one lesson.
Sounds better, than another book, right? ;)

*regular classes are classes that last no more than 2 hours per day
**groups start with 3 (three) people
1mini-groups consist of 2 (two) people
2one individual or mini-group class lasts 60 minutes
3one group class lasts 90 minutes. For 3 (three) or more classes per week, please contact the School's administration
4specialized course of the chosen language (Business, Law, etc.)
5one lecture lasts 60 minutes