Welcome to ALMA School!

ALMA School is the only school in Ukraine to specialize in teaching Ukrainian and Russian as foreign languages, where you can learn the language you need in a warm and easy atmosphere.

Who can better recommend us than our own students already speaking Ukrainian and Russian? Take a look!

We teach students:

in Mini-groups

After completing a course, every ALMA School student receives a certificate showing their level of Ukrainian or Russian as foreign languages.

ALMA School is the official partner of the only center of testing Russian as a foreign language (TORFL) in Ukraine.

Here at ALMA School you can prepare for passing the TORFL (Test of Russian as a Foreign Language), which is the only official exam of Russian language as foreign.

portrait portrait
portrait portrait

Our qualified teachers will:

You can prepare for TORFL by either studying regularly or taking a fast intensive course.

ALMA School teachers can’t wait to meet you here at our language school right in the center of Kiev. We are already making you a nice cup of tea!